There is a palm to suit almost any garden or landscape application.  We have a variety of choices when it comes to Palms. Our Palms are available in 5-gallon to 300-gallon containers as well as field grown stock of some varieties.


Ask about our Summer Specials:
Field Stock Areca Palms, 20′ tall, 3-4″ trunk caliper – large quantities available.  Mature Dwarf Coconut Palms in 300-gallon grow bags with 2′ – 3′ trunk height, 14″ trunk caliper.  These palms are easy to mobilize and won’t shock when planted.  Field Stock Dwarf Coconut Palms are also available.  Quantity discounts available, call or email for pricing.

What We Grow


Beattle Nut
Chinese Fan
Laulu (Field Stock)
Licuala Spinosa (Field Stock)
Dwarf Coconut
Fox Tail
Clumping McArthur (Field Stock)
Solo McArthur (Field Stock)