Ground Cover


Perfect for enhancing planter beds, our ground covers serve to link and complement larger landscape elements and to hold soil during heavy rain. Using our specialty ground covers one can create patterns of contrasting color and texture for visual interest. Our ground cover is available in 1-gallon containers.



Bromeliads are used effectively in gardens, either grown on trees or rocks or other non-soil medium. Kipapa Nursery boasts a large collection of assorted Bromeliads from miniatures to giants. The giant varieties are ocean tolerant. Our Bromeliads are available in 6″ containers up to 3-gallon.

What We Grow


Aloe Vera
Grape Orchids
Laua’e Fern
Assorted Bromeliads

Vanilla Orchids
1 gallon Vanilla Orchids – 2 plants/pot $20 each.

Field Stock Monstera Cuttings
$15/foot, quantity discounts available.