What We Grow


Welcome to Kipapa Nursery, a Hawaiian plant nursery on the Garden Island of Kauai with a wide array of tropical & exotic plant products. Our specialty is ocean-tolerant plant products; plant specimen that thrive in spite of oceanfront conditions, ie., wind, salt, and sand.  Kipapa Nursery also produces a large variety of other plant specimens, including exotic Hawaiian palms, trees, bromeliads, shrubs, hybrid ti, and groundcovers.

Contract Growing


Do you need a particular plant product in large quantities for an upcoming project? Give us a call, we do contract growing.


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Ocean Tolerant

Low-maintenance plants that perform well in spite of salt, sand and wind in Hawaii’s coastal conditions.

Hybrid Ti
Over 35 varieties of stunning Hawaiian Hybrid Ti from dwarf to large, in a vast array of colors and leaf forms in one gallon up to 15-gallon containers.
Licuala Grandis

Large selection of tropical Palms in a variety of container sizes as well as mature, field grown stock.

Grape orchids

Ground covers serve to link and compliment large landscape elements and to hold soil during heavy rain. Create patterns of contrasting color and texture for visual interest.

Ficus Trees

Variety of flowering, fragrant and non-fragrant trees in 30-gallon to 300-gallon containers.


Choose from well-known favorites or exotic shrubs with a wide range of color and flower forms in one to ten-gallon containers.

“At Kipapa Nursery we value our natural resources and are committed to protecting them – that is why we minimize the use of pesticides by using natural deterrents to plant pests.”


– Scott Young